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The Permissionless Software Foundation (PSF) is a community of JavaScript developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We develop and maintain business-focused cryptocurrency applications and communication software, based on the The Cash Stack. Some of our software consumes PSF tokens during operation, which allows us to maintain a circular economy with our open source contributors.

We primarily communicate on this Telegram channel. Join us there!

Our Mission

The mission of the PSF is to help individuals protect their privacy, circumvent censorship, and engage in economic activity. The software we build and maintain is in service to that mission.

Open Source

The PSF's approach to open source software is greatly influenced by:

The PSF focuses its efforts on developers and not end users. The pipeline of software production looks like this:

PSF Production Workflow

The PSF builds infrastructure for developers, and will occasionally produce apps like or to inspire developers, but these are not intended to be complete products for end-users.

Many non-developers who try to consume PSF software become disappointed and are quick to suggest feature improvements, then are further disappointed when their suggestions get little attention. This section exists to set appropriate expectations.

The PSFs intention is for infrastructure, specifications, and demo apps produced by the PSF to serve as an inspiration to the developers and entrepreneurs who make up the PSF community. They are the ones who are expected to take the software to the next level, to create and manage a pleasant (and profitable) end-user experience.

About This Site

This website is open source, living documentation that any member of the PSF is welcome to edit by submiting a Pull Request to the documentation repository. It describes the purpose and operation of the Permissionless Software Foundation. This documentation will evolve as the organization evolves.

This documentation is where members go to read the nitty-gritty details about the PSF:

  • Tokenomics
  • Governance Structure
  • Communication Tools
  • Our Approach to Open Source Software